Panchamukhee Durga Utsav 2021

Celebrating 16 years

Panchamukhee is a Sanskrit word literally meaning ‘five faced’, a metaphorical representation of multiple dimensions or facets of life.

Panchamukhee was founded in London in 2006 by a group of like minded enthusiasts with the key objective to promote the art and cultural heritage of the Indian subcontinent and explore how different cultures can work together in today’s multicultural UK. Panchamukhee is a UK registered charity (Reg. No. 1130444).


Panchamukhee welcomes you to its 16th year of Panchamukhee Durga Utsav 2021 celebration to be held at Harrow Arts Centre from 13th Oct till 16th Oct.

We welcome all. Health and Safety is Panchamukhee’s highest priority and would abide by the COVID Regulations keeping everyone in mind.

Panchamukhee recommends the following to everyone visiting the Puja venue:

  • Double vaccination where applicable
  • Lateral Flow test before coming to the venue. Please visit the venue only if your test is negative
  • Wearing Masks inside the venue (Panchamukhee can provide you one in case you haven’t got one at the venue)
  • Using Hand Sanitizer
  • Keeping safe distancing wherever possible

The other safe guarding rules we are putting in place are as follows:

  • A limitation on the number of people inside the Elliot hall this year
  • Maintaining safe distance from the main Puja area
  • Rest will be explained when you visit the venue

Let’s all have a safe and enjoyable Durga Utsav 2021